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MODELING COVID-19 HEALTH: how are the hospitals in my area doing?

Public data presented directly or used in models is collected from different sources and made available here, including research methodology notes:

https://github.com/kaustcovid19/data/tree/master/en and

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KAUST scientists are delivering advanced, validated models that provide a number of important metrics, supported by reliable data sources and a data mining effort, helping assess future impacts and pressures on the health system, and helping inform strategies to reactivate human mobility, and tracking. In addition, KAUST AI scientists are tracking, using mass assessment of social media contents, the sentiments of citizens across the world and their reactions to the epidemics, government decisions and the impacts on the economy.

This chart shows you where you are on the spread and how the confinement measures have affected the spread of the disease.

How to use this graph: 

  • Click on top left square that says: Load values from COVID-19 data
  • Choose your country 
  • Play with the drag features

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